Get the Payout You Deserve

See how our slip-and-fall, and oil rig accident lawyers in Houston, TX can assist you

Workplace injuries can happen at any moment, leaving you without a job for months on end. But that doesn't mean you have to go without your income, too.

Get the compensation you deserve after a workplace accident with help from the Law Offices of Mario A Rodriguez. We offer legal representation for workers' compensation claims in the Houston, TX area. Whether you slipped and fell on the job or were injured using workplace machinery, we'll fight to make sure you get the proper health care and wage compensation while you're out.

We even have an oil rig accident lawyer who understands the complexities of working in dangerous job settings. Don't pay out of pocket for your workplace injury. Call our slip-and-fall lawyer today to represent you.

Representing injured workers from all industries

There are a lot of niche jobs in Texas, from oil rig operators to farmers and cross-country truck drivers. Not all workers, comp attorneys can represent these types of workers, but the Law Offices of Mario A Rodriguez can.

Our personal injury and slip-and-fall lawyer can represent:

Truck drivers
Oil rig workers
Factory workers
Service industry workers

Whether you were injured in a trucking accident or an oil rig accident, our lawyer will be there to fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve.